Delivering world class tech solutions.

The power of technology is endless.

 We leverage a proven methodology and the latest technologies to implement the best possible solution for your organisation.

Our Approach

Base Tech

We follow a set of best practice development principals and utilise a tried and tested base technology stack to ensure development efficiency, rapid  release and deployments and seamless scale.

  • Ephemeral staging environments. Build faster. Test Faster. Deliver Faster
  • Hexagonal architecture and testing strategies. Modern testing strategies to simulate real-world user behaviour.
  • Security and auditing. Projects built using cloud-native building blocks, security monitoring and audit logging.
  • Monitoring and operations. Standardised monitoring and error tracking technology across all projects.
  • Task tracking. High velocity task tracking strategy across all projects.
  • Code review. Senior developers and language experts review every change before approval.
  • Tech startup DNA. Our developers have worked with startups or founded their own.

Our Leaders

Our leaders are committed to guiding and executing Exponent's vision and strategy. 

Fraser Ricupero

Managing Director

Fraser is a founding director of Exponent and is in charge of the company's business operations, stakeholder management and future growth.

Fraser's background spans commercial law, corporate governance and business development. Fraser has previously founded a technology startup in the legal space.

Fraser is a hands on leader and together with the team, is committed to ensure that Exponent is delivering the best results for its clients and stakeholders.

Chris Norman

Technical Director

Chris is a founding director of Exponent and is in in charge of developing technological strategies and working closely with stakeholders to implement the best technical solutions available.

Chris is a gifted software engineer in his own right and has previously worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. Chris has also founded a successful neuro technology company which scaled to the United States.

Chris is a strategic thinker and prides himself on always being ready to implement the latest technologies.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on 3 simple things.

Adaptability & Flexibility
We've worked with early stage startups all the way through to billion dollar companies. Regardless of budget, industry or resourcing constraints, we pride ourselves on always getting the job done to a very high standard.
Outcome Focused
We take the time to learn about our clients their business and technical objectives. We take the view that to deliver the best results, we are one with them. This guides our ability to make the best decisions and implement the best possible solutions.
Technical Expertise
We're very proud of our team and their wide range of technical expertise. Our engineers and developers are constantly training to improve their skills and learn new things. The tech world is always moving, and so are we.