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 Time and resources are precious for startups. We get that and only focus on what matters.

Startup services

We offer a range of specialist services to help startups at each stage of the lifecycle.


Concept development, tech strategy, implementation strategy, troubleshooting.

User interface design, user research, user testing, visual prototyping, style guides.
MVP Build

Rapid product development, fast paced and low cost, ready to test with real customers and users.
DevOps Team

Our teams practice Agile development methodologies and are perfectly suited to startups.
Scaling Services

Feature pipeline development, cloud architecture, in-house solutions, DevOps teams.

24/7 tech support, rapid iterations and improvements, customer support.

How we collaborate with startups.

Our process is focused on concept validation, gathering useful feedback and developing your concept's essential features to give your startup the best chance of success.


Identify the key problem you're trying to solve.

Why are you trying to solve this problem? Is your solution 10 x better than the current solution?
To help answer these key questions, we work with you to develop the following:

1.   a comprehensive process flow
2.  a breakdown of the 'user stories'
3.  a set of 'essential' and 'nice to have' product features

Research, investigate and evaluate user requirements.

From our findings, we implement a visualised user journey and establish a seamless user experience. This is the basis of the prototype product.
In the search for design inspiration and optimal user experience, we spend time interviewing potential or current users and deep diving into their behaviour and rationale. The user feedback is then used to guide the development of the MVP.
Engage Users

Learning from users is the single most important step in the startup journey.

Users will reveal almost everything a startup needs to know in the crucial early stages and guide the product development.
User engagement is all about validation. There are a number of approaches when seeking quality user feedback. An approach we recommend is to conduct structured user testing with a visual prototype. This approach requires zero development, saving startups money and time.

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is different for each startup.

However, what every good MVP has in common is that it is the cheapest and fastest method possible to effectively gather user feedback.
The core objective of the MVP is to validate as many of the startup's early assumptions as possible and to use it as a vehicle to gather user feedback to ultimately improve the product. The MVP should only include features that are deemed 'essential'. When we build MVPs, we use as many APIs, third party tools and open source software as possible - keeping costs as low as possible.

Listening to user feedback and responding in an agile manner is critical to improvement.

With well organised development practices, startups have an advantage over enterprise by delivering what users want, fast.
Using an agile development methodology, startups are well positioned to prioritise user feedback and develop this into awesome product features fast. This is an endless process and by repeating this over and over, a startup's users will fall in love with the product.

Service packages.

We offer services to pre-product startups who are in the early stages of the lifecycle. We also have packages for those with a product in the market who require specialist technical support.

Early Stage
  • Concept development
  • UI/UX design concepts
  • Detailed user research
  • MVP development plan
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Project Sprint
  • Dedicated project lead
  • DevOps team - 2 x developers
  • Dedicated development team
  • Maintenance and support
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Scale Up
  • Dedicated project lead
  • DevOps team - 3 x developers
  • End to end product development
  • 24/7 maintenance and support
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Startup stories.

We've worked with startups across a range of industries. They each started with a strong and clear vision and a determination to challenge the status quo.

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