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Sample, model, test and learn.

 We assist researchers optimise and commercialise their study and gain deeper insights using technology.

Research institution services.

We offer a range of specialist services to research institutions.


We develop solutions designed to supplement research and gain deep knowledge.
Strategic Consulting

We work with you to strategise a product strategy and how to utilise the latest technologies.
Product Growth

Productise deep research and quickly develop solutions to take to market.

How we collaborate with research institutions.

Research Review

Critical analysis of the body of research and any key findings or unresolved questions.

We work with you to identify a set of key requirements to enable conversion of your research or hypothesis into a technology product.
This is a explorative process. The aim is to discover and learn about the research, any findings and unresolved questions and how this information can be developed into a product to further learn and gain deeper insights and commercialise.
Proof of Concept

A solution designed to sample, model, test and learn.

The objective of prototype development is to validate a hypothesis or set of assumptions in the most efficient manner possible.
Using your research and findings as a basis, we will rapidly develop a prototype solution. This solution will be developed using a 'Minimum Viable Product' (MVP) mentality, which is designed to be rolled out as quickly (and cheaply) as possible and tested with user as soon as possible.
Test Cohort

Gain valuable insights from your subjects, test cohort and end users.

Test a hypothesis or theory with your subjects and validate a number of key assumptions.
With proof of concept product or prototype in hand, now is time to engage with users and put research to work. Using a structured user testing approach, we work with you to identify the next steps in product development.

Listening to user feedback and analysis results is crucial to optimising research outcomes.

Utilising our structured responsive practices, we can iterate quickly to enable deeper insights to optimise your research.
Much like a startup company, researchers are conducting an experiment to achieve a set goal - deep understanding and new knowledge. Careful and structured analysis of results, coupled with responsive development practices will unlock access to deeper learnings.

Analyse results and gain deeper insights.

Utilising a systemised approach, we work with you to review and analyse results from the test cohort to gain deeper insights and develop your research.
Exponent's objective is to provide solutions that fast-track deeper research. By providing insights faster, researchers can dive deeper and deeper into their discipline, contribute their precious research and fast-track commercialisation.

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